The Road to Daybreak - A Spiritual Journey

5/1/2017 6:55:10 AM
May 2017


Death in the Castro District (cont) 

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But evident in the eyes of many was deep suffering, anguish, and loneliness, because what they most seek and most desire seems most elusive. Many have not been able to find a lasting home or a safe relationship, and now, with the AIDS threat, fear has become all-pervasive.


And yet AIDS has unleashed not only fear, but also an enormous generosity. Many people are showing great care for each other, great courage in helping each other, great faithfulness, and often unwavering love. I sensed an enormous need for God's love to be made known to these fearful and often generous people. More than ever the Church has to live out Christ's love for the poor, the siners, the publicans, the rejected, the possessed, and all who desperately need to be loved. As I saw the countless gay men on the streets, I kept thinking about the great consolation that Jesus came to offer. He revealed the total that the Church is called to make visible not by judging, condemning, or segregating, but by serving everyone in need. I often wonder if the many heated debates about the morality of homosexuality do not prevent the Christian community from reaching out fearlessly to its suffering fellow humans.


My friend and I talked much about Jesus, and as I left he said, "I am glad you came. There are too few people who mention his name in the district. There are so many negative associations with his name, and still he is the greatest source of hope."


- To Be Continued -           


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