9 Sep Wed - 23rd Week in Ordinary Time - St Peter Claver, SJ

9/8/2020 1:17:49 PM
1 Cor. 7:25-31 /Ps. 44:11-12,14-15,16-17 /Lk. 6:20-26 (Ps Wk III)


In a letter to his Superior in 1627 Fr Claver spoke of attending to the black African slaves brought to South America for sale: "then with the help of our cloaks, we got them to inhale the vapours of burning aromatic spices - which we burned to heat and heal them - for the slaves have no cloaks of their own, and it would have been a waste of time to ask their masters."

The last part of this quotation may make Peter sound very cynical, but as a comment on the sinfully unjust structures which Peter faced in his day and which we still face whenever we try to assist the poor, far beyond any apparent cynicism, Peter's words are a strong social comment that unfortunately is still applicable. Peter had before his eyes cruel evidence of the suffering slavery entailed.

In the modern world a different kind of slavery exists which Pope Francis has called "a crime against humanity", a slavery just as terrible as but unfortunately less visible than that which St Peter and his Jesuit companions faced on the dockside in Columbia where the slave ships landed.

Saint Peter Claver, intercede for us before the Father that we may be able to eliminate all forms of modern slavery: human trafficking, prostitution, paedophilia, the abuse of riches which makes the poor ever poorer.


9月9日( 三 )   常年期第二十三週   聖伯多祿.法伯爾(耶穌會士)

格林多前書 7:25-31
聖詠 45[44]:11-12,14-15,16-17
路加福音 6:20-26

法伯爾神父在1627年,給長上寫信,提到為販賣到南美洲的非洲黑奴所作的服務︰「我們用我們的斗篷為蓋,讓他們吸入燃點的香料散發的蒸氣,好溫暖他們的身體並給他們治病 ── 因為黑奴沒有斗篷,跟他們的主人訴說,只會浪費時間」。這引文的最後部分,也許使法伯爾顯得十分憤世疾俗,然而,這是他在面對當時不公平的邪惡制度時所說的話。在今天,當我們嘗試去幫助窮人時,同樣會遇到不公平的邪惡制度。所以,法伯爾的話,絲毫沒有憤世疾俗的意味,只是,很可惜,這強烈批評社會不公的話,在今天仍然適用。法伯爾目睹奴隸制度下的痛苦殘酷現實。今日世界,出現另一種奴役,教宗方濟各叫它做「反人道罪行」。這種奴役跟法伯爾和他的耶穌會同伴們,在滿載黑奴而來,停泊在哥倫比亞碼頭的船隻上所見到的同樣可怕,只是,不幸地,沒那麼顯眼。



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