8 Oct Tue - 27th Week in Ordinary Time

10/7/2019 8:50:43 PM
Jona 3:1-10 / Ps. 130(129):1-2,3-4,7bc-8 /Lk. 10:38-42 (Ps Wk III)


In the gospel passage Martha was very anxious and attentive to the details of hosting whereas her sister Mary was very attentive to Jesus as their guest. We do not know what their brother Lazarus was doing or whether Jesus dropped by their village and house unexpectedly or whether they knew in advance that He was coming to visit. Martha is faulted not for being so busy but for being so anxious. She was so anxious over so many things that she was failing as a hostess. Her many cares and personal concerns had drowned out attending and listening to her guest and she even tries to seize Jesus' attention by inappropriately asking Him to become an arbitrator in a matter which should not have been of any concern to a guest. Martha is not faulted for being busy but for her attitude and for her resentment in her busyness. Francis de Sales says she lacked simplicity. Martha wanted to treat our Lord well. Her intention was extremely praise-worthy but it was so mixed up with so many other motives that the one and only important motive of loving God was lost. Simplicity means that we do not consider or do not have any other aim in all that we do but the single desire to please God. Simplicity is inseparable from charity, from the way we treat one another. We normally please God when we love our neighbour as ourselves: when we sincerely listen, kindly respond and graciously attend to the needs of another.

Lord, draw me close to You and help me to listen to You.


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