7 Aug Sat, 18th Week in Ordinary Time. SS Xystus II, Pope & Comps. Martyrs

8/6/2021 11:42:31 AM
Deut. 6:4-13 / Ps. 17:2-4,47-51 / Mt. 17:14-20 (Ps Wk II)


The miracle story in the Gospel confirms that the power to 'heal and exorcise' is much related to 'faith'. Jesus was disappointed with the disciples that he responded by saying, "if only you have faith like a mustard seed, miracles will happen."

Here we can look at 'little faith' in two ways. Firstly, 'faith in words only' is not real faith. Secondly, 'faith' like a mustard seed that will move mountains consists of the 'trust' in God's power and purpose. It is said, "The issue of faith is not how much we have but where we place it." We recognise that the Almighty God is the 'mountain mover'.

Our faith is built on the trust that we have experienced in very ordinary as well as the extraordinary God-revealing presence. This is evidenced in the experiences of the Israelites as in the first reading. However, we have to be conscious that God is omnipresent and all-powerful in All God's deeds among us.

Our responsibility is to ensure that this 'faith' is passed on to all the generations to come.

Do we take this responsibility seriously? How do we express this in today's context, especially in a multi-racial and multi-religious society?

"Lord, teach us to be responsible disciples with faith and hope in Your Guiding Hands.".   


8月7日 ( 六 ) 常年期第十八週

申命紀 6:4-13
聖詠 18[17]:2-3,3-4,47,51
瑪竇福音 17:14-20





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