4 Aug Tue - 18th Week in Ordinary Time

8/3/2020 2:28:15 PM
Jer. 30:1-2,12-15,18-22 / Ps. 101:16-18,19-21,28 and 22-23 / Mt. 15:1-2,10-14 (Ps Wk II)


Jeremiah was not the most cheerful or encouraging of prophets. He seemed to be always preaching 'doom and gloom.' His message to his fellow Israelites was that the suffering and disaster that they had suffered and would suffer for some time to come was their fault. They were guilty - case closed! That was the bad news.

But he also had some very good news for them: God was going to heal and restore the nation. God's compassion would triumph in the end. So it is with us. Often we make a mess of things and suffer the consequences, but God always runs before us so that he can lift us and heal us. No pain or disaster is permanent, but God's compassion and mercy are.

People don't normally walk across the water, but that is exactly what Peter was doing. Peter challenged Jesus to prove that it was truly He by enabling him, Peter, to walk across the water to Him. Sure enough, he did, and Peter was doing just fine. But disaster struck him the moment he took his eyes and his thoughts off Jesus and allowed his fear and doubt to overpower him. He nearly drowned, and a disappointed Jesus chastised him for his lack of faith. With unwavering faith and trust, we can accomplish much and overcome many obstacles. But with fear and doubt at the controls, there is very little that we can do. Perhaps we are like Peter and he is so much like us! Have faith; put away doubt - and wait for the miracles to happen.

Lord, cleanse me of doubt and fear.


8月4日( 二 )   常年期第十八週 聖若翰‧維雅納(司鐸)

耶肋米亞先知書 30:1-2,12-15,18-22
聖詠 102[101]:16-18,19-21,29,22-23
瑪竇福音 15:1-2,10-14

法利塞人一直注重猶太法律的外在規定,而且常會本末倒置。耶穌真正了解舊約法律,祂渴望把這些真理顯示給人們。可是,祂帶來的新的好消息,也同時會成為讓一些人聽起來刺耳的話。今天福音的法利塞人,就是聽了耶穌的話而起反感的人,他們視其為挑戰甚至挑釁。他們根本沒理解,也不願意開放地去理解耶穌這些話。這或許正驗證了耶穌所說的:人聽到善意的話,甚至是永生的話,而選擇不去接受,卻讓惡在心裏操縱,而生出使自己和他人「污穢」的東西,即那些不是來自善的話語(諷刺、刻薄、妄斷、詛咒……)或行為。聽了這些由惡所生的話後,人們或者成為直接受害者,或者變為間接受害者 ── 即耶穌說的被瞎子帶領的瞎子。

願我們常能懷著善意聆聽來自善的話語 ── 天主藉他人給我們的訊息,並留意那些來自惡的言行,不要讓它們進入自己的心,更不要讓其「發酵」,生出更惡的東西。



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