26 Jul Mon, 17th Week in Ordinary Time

7/25/2021 12:00:03 PM
Ex. 32:15-24,30-34 / Ps. 105:19-20,21-22,23 / Mt. 13:31-35 (Ps Wk I)


Moses was furious, impatient with the Israelites' impatience, destroying the Law God had given him for the people. At times, we can also identify with the Israelites' sense of exhaustion, frustration and impatience. How often do we find ourselves working on a project or a cause of social justice, expecting that indeed we will succeed if we persist in doing the right things to further the cause or event? When we have setbacks or run into obstacles, the temptation to lose faith in ourselves, others, and even in God is strong. Let us not lose hope in God because God is always good to us.

In the Gospel, Jesus reminds us of how we receive the gift of salvation, the Kingdom of Heaven. At times, we go through life doing God's will, but all too often failing in sinfulness by our weaknesses and selfishness. We are now only an insignificant member of the Church, yet when we live a good life, following and imitating Jesus, we become like that most minuscule of seeds that becomes a large bush giving shade or the yeast that leavens the bread.

God of grace, may we realise that the Kingdom of Heaven is here and now as well as after we die. Help us to participate in Your Kingdom by loving our neighbours.   


7月26日 ( 一 )常年期第十七週    聖若亞敬及聖亞納(聖母雙親)

出谷紀 32:15-24,30-34
聖詠 106:19-20,21-22,23
瑪竇福音 13:31-35





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