22 Nov Sun Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe (A)

11/21/2020 4:01:58 PM
Ez. 34:11-12,15-17 / Ps. 22:1-4,5,6 / 1 Cor. 15:20-26,28 / Mt. 25:31-46 (Ps Wk II)


Shepherds are supposed to protect their flocks and insure for their well-being. The image of the shepherd was often used in the Old Testament for religious leaders and kings, but often in a negative sense. Ezekiel lamented how much of Israel's shepherds had let her down, for they were wicked and corrupt.

In the prophecy, God promised to take on the job Himself - God would be the shepherd of the nation and its people. Jesus, the fulfilment of that promise, is constantly at work, overcoming all those powers that opposed God - even unto death - to restore the entire world and its people to God the Father. The job is not yet finished, and we are called to take part in this work.

In Matthew's final judgement scene, those welcomed into the kingdom were not aware of having done anything special, and the actions for which they were praised were not religious in nature. They saw human suffering and need and responded with practical compassion. This is the core of true religion, and anyone can practice it.

Those who were sent away were rejected not for what they had done, but for what they had NOT done. They did not respond to human suffering but were concerned only with themselves.

The opposite of love is not hate but indifference. Each day, let us practice God's practical religion - kindness and compassion - we cannot go wrong.

Lord, may I always respond to those in need. 


11月 22日( 日 )   耶穌基督普世君王節

厄則克耳先知書 34:11-12,15-17
聖詠 23[22]:1-2,2-3,5-6
格林多前書 15:20-26,28
瑪竇福音 25:31-46

今天的慶節,為一些人來說,也許帶幾分負面意。畢竟,人類歷史當中充斥著在君王統治下,百姓苦不堪言,備受苛待的例子。我們的世界,是掌權者濫用權力的犧牲品。我們何需一位君王?可是,耶穌給我們展現的,是霄壤之別的王權。讀經一描述一位真正的牧者:祂關懷每一隻羊,慈悲地悉心為羊群服務。「基督必須為王,直到把一切仇敵屈伏在他的腳下」。基督為王,有祂自己的方式。祂為王統治,只是為了恢復萬有與天主的和諧關係。然後,祂連王權都交還給天主父。祂行使王者的權柄,只是為了我們的救贖。今天福音描繪了一個最清晰可見的圖象:耶穌為王的身分,隱而不露,卻又隨處可見。祂臨於尋常百姓、貧苦、被邊緣化、被拒絕、受傷和困乏的人身上。我們回應別人的需要,特別是在回應最卑微的人的時候,就是在回應君王本身。真正的權力是愛、謙遜、正義和服務;再無其他。讓我們每天都以愛去行使我們的權柄 ── 這就是統治的意思。



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