22 Aug Sun, 21st Sunday in Ordinary Time (B)

8/21/2021 5:00:58 PM
Josh 24:1-2,15-17,18 / Ps. 33:2-3,16-17,18-19,20-21,22-23 / Eph. 5:21-32 / Jn. 6:60-69 (Ps Wk I)


Peter's 'Master, to whom shall we go?' is one of the great questions in the Bible. It came from the mouth of a man who had found the meaning of life. He would hold on to that meaning to the end despite a grievous lapse which he repented of in a very short time.

Peter found the meaning of life in Jesus. In Jesus were all the qualities that Peter admired in some of the men he knew and many more. Jesus worked, he was helpful, and he enjoyed the companionship. Above all, he could be relied on and trusted. He brought eternal life to those who had the heart to make their own the words he uttered.

In an early staging of the Gospel drama, as it were, we find another noble choice. Joshua asks the people of Israel if they are willing to serve "the Lord" their answer is a resounding "Yes".

There is no possibility that we will be faced with such dramatic questions as Peter and the people of Israel faced. Undoubtedly, however, the less dramatic choices we face, we can add up to an equally important "Yes" with God's grace.

Dear Lord, open our minds and hearts to Your loving voice.   


8月22日 ( 日 ) 常年期第二十一主日

若蘇厄書 24:1-2,15-17,18
聖詠 34[33]:2-3,16-17,18-19,20-21,22-23
厄弗所書 5:21-32 若望福音 6:60-69

主!惟你有永生的話,我們去投奔誰呢?」這是聖經中最偉大的問題之一。發問者是一個找到生命意義的人 ── 伯多祿;縱然在說了這話不久之後,他便離棄了主,但瞬間他又回頭,且永遠投到主的懷抱。伯多祿在耶穌內尋找到生命的意義;在耶穌身上,他不但找到他在其他人身上所欽佩的德行,且找到更多。耶穌勤奮,樂於助人,喜歡與人為伴,而最重要的,是祂絕對可以依賴和信任。凡聽從祂的,都獲得永生。讀經一的舊約以色列子民同樣演繹了一個高貴的選擇。若蘇厄問以民是否樂意事奉上主?他們報以洪亮的答覆:「我們絕對不願背棄上主,去事奉其他的神!」



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