22 Aug Sat - 20th Week in Ordinary Time - The Queenship of the BVM

8/22/2020 1:32:18 PM
Is. 9:1-6 / Ps. 113(112):1-2,3-4,5-6,7-8 / Lk. 1:26-38 (Ps Wk IV)


In the history of humanity, there have been many kings, queens and rulers who were in power and made an impact in our history. Their power and authority enabled them to be in control. Often, they maintained their control and power through their armies and even with the use of violence.

In contrast, today the Church honours a queen who was "helpless" in different situations: after she had delivered her child, she fled to Egypt with her child for the safety of her child; when her son was twelve, she lost him, and she searched for him; and most of all when her son, Jesus, journeyed through His passion and ultimate death, she accompanied him. In all these situations, she was helpless.

Mary's "Yes" and total trust in God earned her the queenship. Her "Yes" was not only in the event of the annunciation but rather a lifelong "Yes", lived out daily with humility and total self-giving.

We too, as a priestly, prophetic and kingly people are called to say 'Yes' to the Lord in the various situations in life we find ourselves in. Only then will we truly be living out our call to follow the King of Heaven and bring light to a 'people walking in darkness'. As we journey in the Kingdom of God, may we be instruments of love, justice and peace.

Queen of Heaven, teach us to follow the way of humility, service and love. 


8月22日( 六 )   聖母元后紀念

依撒意亞先知書 9:1-6
聖詠 113[112]:1-2,3-4,5-6,7-8
路加福音 1:26-38

慶祝過聖母蒙召升天一週之後,我們在今天慶祝另一個有關聖母的奧蹟 ── 玫瑰經中的榮福五端── 聖母元后。

謹讓我們一同默觀在福音中的瑪利亞生平 ── 她是個平凡女子,與若瑟訂了婚,恰似鄰家待嫁的少女,在閨中憧憬著與若瑟開展的美滿婚姻生活。誰料,突然之間,天主介入,邀請她放棄這個常規計畫,做天主的母親。不難想像瑪利亞千思萬緒,腦海中大概離不開在推想,她的決定會為自己和若瑟蘊含甚麼意思。瑪利亞的偉大,在於她不在乎俗世的擁有,而只在於誠懇大方地願意承行天主的旨意。她對天主完全開放的態度,使她隨時都能夠自由地向天主答說:願照祢的話成就於我罷!




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