2 Oct Fri - 26th Week in Ordinary Time - The Holy Guardian Angels

10/1/2020 3:14:30 PM
Ex. 23:20-23 /Ps. 90:1-2,3-4,5-6,10-11 /Mt. 18:1-5,10 (Ps Wk II)


The Catechism of the Catholic Church, in describing angels, states, "From the beginning until death, human life is surrounded by their watchful care and intercession". (CCC, 336). This description of the angels in God's salvation plan is aptly highlighted in today's scripture readings.

The reading from Exodus states that God sends an angel ahead of the people of Israel to guard and lead them on their journey to the Promised land. The psalmist proclaims that angels are commanded by God to accompany a believer in his or her daily life.

In the gospel passage, Jesus teaches that the angels of the "little ones" are constantly in the presence of God. Surely, such images of angels cannot, but make us feel self-assured that each of us has an angel beside us.

But let us be aware that angels, as faithful messengers and servants of God, carry out His commands so that the divine plan of salvation is fulfilled. It means they are also sent to warn, admonish and if necessary, mete out punishment as God commands them to.

This is why God advises the people to "hive him (the angel) reverence and listen to all that he says" and offer him no defiance "for my name is in him".

This is why Jesus warns the disciples, "See that you never despise any of these little ones" After all, they will be present at Christ's return and will serve at his judgement.

Lord, help me give reverence to my angel. 


10月2日( 五 )   護守天使紀念日

出谷紀 23:20-23
聖詠 91[90]:1-2,3-4,5-6,10-11
瑪竇福音 18:1-5,10

angel.gif耶穌說,小孩子的天使「常見天父的面」。這句話暗示每個人都有屬於自己的天使。在舊約的觀念裏,不僅每個人,連每個民族、每座城,都有護守天使(參閱申32:8;達10:13, 20-21;詠34:8)。「天使」義為「信使」,在聖經中指天主的使者,或傳達天主的旨意,或執行天主的命令,或保護有需要的人。今天節選的《出谷紀》就談到,天主許諾天使將在福地保護以色列人。

耶穌也延續了舊約的天使觀。因為小孩子是最弱勢的群體,所以耶穌強調他們是天主透過天使特別看護的人。既然如此,我們也應當善待他們。此外,耶穌也要求門徒變得像小孩一樣。這當然不意味著讓門徒成為弱勢者,而是成為如小孩一樣謙卑和懂得依靠父母 ── 天父 ── 的人。謙卑、信賴、單純,其實也是天使的特質,由此我們可理解為何畫家們常用小孩的形象來描繪天使:正是因為天使純然地信賴天主,完全服膺於天主的旨意,才成為天主的使者。



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