18 Oct Mon, Feast of St Luke, Evangelist

10/18/2021 2:11:32 PM
2 Tim. 4:10-17b / Ps. 144:10-11,12-13ab, 17-18 / Lk. 10:1-9 (Psalter proper or feast)


"...bring the cloak I left with Carpus in Troas", Paul says in today's first reading.

The early Church was built on the missions of Peter and Paul. They were the pillars of the first evangelisation, and still, they were simple people who had to depend on others and fend for their daily sustenance.

We commemorate the feast of St Luke, the evangelist - one who was a gentile and who did not live with Christ while Jesus lived in this world.

St Luke's gospel is known as the people's gospel and quite rightly so. It is the only gospel that celebrates the contributions of women to the early church. It is the gospel that proclaims the Magnificat. Thanks be to God, who acts through simple people in history, through whom the Good News is taken to the corners of the world.

God, we thank You for giving us St Luke, the evangelist, and through him, we know how You elevate the lowly. Thanks to the contribution of simple people, especially women - religious nuns, mothers at homes, home-makers and lay saints - the Good News that Jesus came to spread continues to reach the corners of the world. Help us also to play our part. Amen.  


10月18日 ( 一 )聖路加聖史慶日

弟茂德後書 4:10-17
聖詠 145[144]:10-11,12-13,17-18
路加福音 10:1-9



天主,感謝祢賜給我們聖史路加,透過他,我們知道祢怎樣舉揚卑微的人。我們感謝世上的普羅大眾在福傳工作上所作出的貢獻,特別是婦女們 ── 修女、母親、家庭主婦和平信徒聖人。她們把耶穌親自來到世界上傳播的福音,輾轉傳至世界的角落。主,請幫助我們也能善盡自己福傳的本分。

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