17 Jul Sat, 15th Week in Ordinary Time

7/16/2021 7:26:42 PM
Ex. 12:37-42 / Ps. 135:1,10-15,23-24 / Mt. 12:14-21 (Ps Wk III)


The passage taken from the Book of Exodus presents a scene where the people of Israel are preparing to depart from Egypt. After more than 430 years in Egypt, they were now on the verge of a momentous event in their lives. Freedom! They are free because God had heard their cry and had come to liberate them from their captivity. Even now, as they leave Egypt, God keeps watch over them. It was a liberation won not as a result of military might or by a violent uprising but by the mercy and power of God.

In the Gospel passage, we learn how the Pharisees, through their over-zealousness, had kept the ordinary people in 'oppression by burdening them with hundreds of commandments. Now they feel threatened by Jesus, whom they think is acting as a law unto Himself. So, they decide to kill him.

In the face of the threat upon his life, he quietly continues his healing people and avoids publicity. Instead of resorting to violence against the Pharisees or by "crying out" with vengeful wrath or harsh judgements, Jesus goes about doing his 'work'. Jesus shows us that his mission is not based on might or violence but meekness and humility. His modesty and gentleness come not from fear or weakness but from his divine mandate to fulfil the Scriptures.

Often, in our lives, we too face situations where we feel threatened or oppressed by others. How do we respond to them?

Lord, help me to remain faithful to You in every situation..    


7月17日 ( 六 ) 常年期第十五週

出谷紀 12:37-42
聖詠 136:1,23-24,10-12,13-15
瑪竇福音 12:14-21


為基督徒來說,這一天同樣具重大意義,因為它寓意基督要來為我們所做的 ── 藉著苦難、死亡和復活,解救我們脫離罪惡,並分享祂逾越到天父那裏去的光榮。每一台感恩祭,特別是在主日及復活節尤其隆重紀念和慶祝的,就是基督的逾越。



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