17 Aug Tue, 20th Week in Ordinary Time

8/16/2021 1:44:53 PM
Jdg. 6:11-24 / Ps. 84:9,11-12,13-14 / Mt. 19:23-30 (Ps Wk IV)


Jesus does not say that a rich person cannot get into heaven; he affirms that it is difficult. Although many people may consider riches as a sign of God's favour and blessing, Jesus, with a more clear-eyed world view, looks at the hindrance that riches can pose to a life of faith. Here Jesus only speaks of riches.

In his Spiritual Exercises, St Ignatius suggests we should look at reality even more critically and affirm the danger in pride, riches, and power: Jesus himself was manifestly not troubled by these three desires.

Therefore, if we desire to follow Jesus more closely and be his faithful disciple, we must not allow ourselves to be influenced by the three desires. They aim for a high position in the world or a great reputation leading to pride and riches and seeking power in some area of life.

Lord God, keep our hearts free from worldly desires and our whole lives directed towards Your heavenly Kingdom.   


8月17日 ( 二 ) 常年期第二十週

民長紀 6:11-24
聖詠 85[84]:9,11-12,13-14
瑪竇福音 19:23-30

「如果上主與我們同在,我們怎會遭遇這些困難?」(民6:13)。類似的晦氣說話,在舊約中屢見不鮮,聖詠是一例,就連聖徒們都曾經這樣申訴。我們自己相信也曾有過這樣的經驗!身陷苦楚、境況嚴峻,或當我們嘗試去明白為甚麼愛人的天主,竟會「容許」邪惡、災難和慘劇來到我們的世界時,也許我們都會輕易地給信德的話語冠以「如果」這兩個字 ─ 「如果」有天主,「如果」天主是愛,「如果」天主關懷,「如果」天主知道。心平氣和的時候,我們可以知道並感受到天主與我們同在,並能承認祂是無條件地愛著我們的天父。就讓我們祈求這信德不會動搖,不會輕易開口便說「如果」;也祈求不會因為不明白天主的措置,而遷怒於天主,甚至感到失望。 



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