12 Sep Sat - 23rd Week in Ordinary Time

9/11/2020 1:38:55 PM
1 Cor. 10:14-22 /Ps. 115:12-13,17-18 /Lk. 6:43-49 (Ps Wk III)


Paul reminds the Corinthians that avoiding idol worship is fundamental to true faith in Christ. Paul warns the Christians that if one eats at the sacrificial banquet offered by the gentiles, one is united in some way to the god in whose honour the sacrifice is offered and to those who honour this god.

Once converted, Christians must guard against any return to paganism.

All actions must proceed from faith in the one Lord. The cup of blessing makes all Christians sharers in the blood of Christ. The bread they share binds them to Christ and one another. As the body of Christ, they are nourished by this sharing. The unity celebrated during the Lord's supper can be damaged when Christians take part in idol worship, which can cause scandal and division within the community. It is not possible to eat at the Lord's Supper and follow the practices of idol worship.

In his teachings, Jesus makes this point clearly when he states that those who call on the name of Jesus as Lord must genuinely demonstrate the quality of their relationship with the Lord. They can do this if they hear his words and

put them into practice. Jesus uses the image of a fruit-tree to emphasise the genuineness of one's action; that is, "no good tree bears bad fruit, nor does a bad tree bear good fruit" (Lk 6:43).

Christians, therefore, must demonstrate through their deeds what they profess and believe.

Lord, help me do what I say.


9月12日( 六 )   常年期第二十三週

格林多前書 10:14-22
聖詠 116[114,115]:12-13,17-18
路加福音 6:43-49

讀經一提醒我們,要戒避邪神,為獲得真正的救恩;福音提醒我們,要讓生活結出信仰的果實。看來,前者在告誡我們要關注自己崇拜的對象,只能是唯一的天主。稍稍擴展,這可以是指我們生活的終向 ── 在現實生活裏,發生在我們身邊的每一件事,都可以奪去我們的注意力,使我們心煩意亂,忘記了大能的天主就在中央,祂永恆信實,始終如一。於是,失望、沮喪等負面情緒接踵而來。福音所說的果實,顯然是指人與天主的親密關係,絕非要將這關係化作世俗事務的成功。若我們將生命根植於對天主的信仰,便會留意到,縱使置身於一個亂局,當中藏著一份超脫,帶我們適當地離開對事物的執著,轉向永恆的天主:天主是愛,祂期望我們在生活中親身體驗祂的愛。怎樣去做?基督就是最好的榜樣和我們的中保。



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