12 Oct Mon - 28th Week in Ordinary Time

10/11/2020 5:33:32 PM
Gal. 4:22-24,26-27, 31-5:1 / Ps. 112:1-2,3-4,5a,6-7 / Lk. 11:29-32 (Ps Wk IV)


In his letter to the Galatians, Paul points out the difference between giving one's ultimate adherence to the Jewish Law or Christ. He does this by reinterpreting the Old Testament images of the two wives of Abraham, namely, Hagar and Sarah, and their respective sons, Ishmael and Isaac.

Hagar represents the Covenant of Mount Sinai, which is linked to the legal demands of the Torah. Like Hagar, who was a slave of Abraham, those adhering only to the Mosaic Covenant are 'slaves' to the law. In comparison, Sarah represents the Abrahamic Covenant which is entirely free from the Torah's legal prescriptions. Christians are part of this covenant and are not 'slaves' like Hagar or Ishmael, but 'free' children of God because of Christ.

In the gospel, Jesus responds to the question by the Jewish authorities who had asked for a sign to show that his power is not demoniac. The Pharisees and scribes, religious leaders and experts of the Torah, had accused Jesus of getting his power from Satan. Jesus points out that he himself is the sign. He compares himself to Jonah; when Jonah came, the people of Nineveh reformed their lives. Jesus too has come with a message of salvation, if only the people will heed it. If they do not adhere to his message, they will see Jesus' liberating power move away from them to others who are far off.

So, to what or to whom do you give your ultimate adherence to? Are you a 'slave' to the things of the world or a 'free' child of God?

Lord, may You be the first in my life. 


10月12日( 一 )   常年期第二十八週

迦拉達書 4:22-24,26-27,31-5:1
聖詠 113[112]:1-2,3-4,5-7
路加福音 11:29-32

聖保祿用激烈的言語提醒所有人,我們不是因為自己的行為符合某種法律而得救,而是因為基督白白賜下的救恩。所以每一個人都要在自由中跟隨基督、光榮天主,而非「被迫」走某一條路線。天主既然賜下祂唯一的聖子,為叫所有人歸向祂;耶穌來到世上,便是為讓所有人認識、接受、獲得救恩:祂是道路、真理、生命。福音中,耶穌譴責人拒絕相信祂。在當時享民間威望的法利塞人,視耶穌為破壞和平的隱患,設法要除掉祂;追求推翻羅馬帝國,從字面上實現「天主對亞巴郎許諾」的「熱誠派」,卻認為祂還不夠徹底,不能滿全整個民族對默西亞的期盼。耶穌自己,卻選擇了一條與兩者都不同的道路 ── 祂背著十字架走向哥耳哥達這條苦路。這樣的選擇,為一些人是威脅,為另一些人是失望,為耶穌自己卻是身為天主子,選擇自己的道路,彰顯天國的自由。



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