12 Nov Thu 32nd Week in Ordinary Time, St Josaphat, bishop & martyr

11/11/2020 6:07:09 PM
Phm. 7-20 / Ps. 145:6-7,8-10 /Lk. 17:20-25 (Ps Wk IV)


Paul's writes to Philemon to persuade him to accept a person named Onesimus into his household. The problem here is that Onesimus was once a slave to Philemon, but had run away. No mention is made as to why Onesimus had run away or how he ended up with Paul. However, Onesimus has also become a close and indispensable helper to Paul, and more importantly, has also become a Christian.

Paul asks Philemon not only to forgive Onesimus but also to treat him as a fellow Christian. There has been a transformation between Onesimus' former and present life, that is, Onesimus has given his life to Christ and Philemon is asked to be aware of this important truth. What this entails is that if Philemon accepts Onesimus again, no punishment or penalty must be meted out to Onesimus, as was the custom of the time to deal with runaway slaves.

The Pharisees question Jesus as to when the Messiah would come. For the Jews, the coming of the Promised Messiah also points to the end of days which is the day of judgement and reward. Jesus tells them that it is not important to know when the day of the Lord will come. What is crucial is to recognise that the presence of God's reign is already in their midst. Jesus is the clear sign that God's reign has begun.

With Jesus, things are never the same for God's transforming presence for it is already in our midst. The question is: Are we aware of this?

Lord, help me be aware of Your presence. 


11月 12日( 四 )   常年期第三十二週)

費肋孟書 7-20
聖詠 146[145]:7,8-9,9-10
路加福音 17:20-25

保祿宗徒在書信中,為敖乃息摩向費肋孟求情,前者是後者的奴隸,依法被看作是後者的財物。可是,敖乃息摩從主人家中逃走了,前來投靠保祿。按照當時的法律,如果保祿命令他回到主人那裏,他可能會被處死。但保祿並沒有因此而將敖乃息摩留在身邊。書信中,洋溢著保祿對費肋孟的信任,這種信任是基於信仰。保祿認為由信仰衍生的寬容,應當可以叫世上一切的義務、權利變得不那麼重要 ── 重要的是在基督內和所有人的友誼。倘若每一個人都在基督內獲得一樣的新生,那麼舊時的等級、地位、權勢都不該成為新生命的阻礙。保祿用求情的方式,提醒他的朋友:做基督徒,並不是口頭上的宣言,而是在生命中活出超越時代的友誼!這正是耶穌在福音中所揭示的,人們說天主的國在這裏,或在那裏;然而,天主的國卻是在每個人放下懲罰、統治、譴責、排他的決定裏。 主天主,願祢的國能通過我們,用溫和的方式,展現在世人的眼裏。



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