12 Jun Fri - 10th Week in Ordinary Time

6/11/2020 7:10:13 PM
1 Kgs. 19:9a, 11-16 / Ps. 27(26):7-8a, 8b-9abc, 13-14 / Mt. 5:27-32 (Ps Wk II)


Once Elijah reached Mount Horeb, he spent a night there in a cave. In the morning, he is told by God to stand before Him. God wanted to speak to Elijah. Then one by one, a mighty wind, an earthquake and a fire came and went, but God was not present in them. After this, came the sound of a gentle breeze, and on hearing this, Elijah recognised the presence and voice of God.

When questioned by God as to why he has come to the mountain, Elijah gave his response: the people of Israel have abandoned God and killed His prophets. Only I, Elijah, remains, and my life is in danger too.

At this, we could have expected God to feel sorry for Elijah or at least praise him for his faithfulness. But it seems that God was unhappy with Elijah and his place was not to be on the mountain. What God wanted him to do was that he be obedient to His will even in the face of danger.

Jesus helps his followers realise that true disciple-ship is not about mere compliance with the laws, but instead to the spirit behind the laws. It is not about obeying this or that law, but about being obedient to the Source of all laws, God Himself.

Ultimately, what is expected of a Christian disci-ple? In other words, is a Christian judged by his or her meticulous observance of God's laws or how complete-ly he or she dedicates his or her life to God? This seems to be the question before us today.

Lord, help me dedicate myself to You completely. 


6月12日( 五 )   常年期第十週

列王紀上 19:9,11-16
聖詠 27[26]:7-8,8-9,13-14
瑪竇福音 5:27-32

厄里亞先知逃難途中,聽見了天主的聲音。雖然他是天主的先知,卻沒有因為這份與主的關係,而免受迫害的厄運。他在山洞,聽見了天主的聲音,沒有裝聾作啞,儘管他憂心如焚。做天主的工作就是這樣,有時好像禍從天降,卻仍然能夠在困苦中聽到天主的聲音。就憑著這份關係,世上許多智者、強者、成功人士,避無可避,卻又正是因為這份關係,這份要為真理作證的關係,而不惜付出代價。厄里亞身為先知,沒有因為作天主的代言人而惶恐,天主亦從來沒有離棄過他:兩者仿如摯友,肝膽相照。就是這樣,厄里亞才會知道,原來天主不在暴風地震和烈火中,卻在輕微細弱的風裏。唯天主的人可以發現天主,但天主卻常在平淡無奇中等待被人發現。大多數的我們,就是藉著天天如常的平淡生活,向世人訴說天主 ── 努力時刻愛天主在萬有之上及愛人如己。為能積極地活出這條愛的誡命,我們需要懇切地祈求。



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