12 Aug Wed - 19th Week in Ordinary Time

8/11/2020 7:29:08 PM
Ez. 9:1-7,10:18-22/ Ps. 112:1-2,3-4,5-6 /Mt. 18:15-20 (Ps Wk III)


The prophet Ezekiel describes the vision of the judgement of God in the city of Jerusalem. Like angels of death, the six men are called by God to advance through the city with a deadly weapon.

Before them, goes a man in white, chosen by God. He is charged with the responsibility of marking the foreheads of those who are to be delivered from death. Without pity or regard for gender or age, all others have to be destroyed.

As the severe punishment is carried out, Ezekiel asks God if all of Israel must be destroyed. God answers that the evil deeds of the people cannot go unpunished. Then, the man in white returns and says God's commands have been accomplished. The sins of the people have consequences. Not only are they punished, but soon God's glory departs from the Temple and the city of Jerusalem. The city is now without the protection of God.

In the Gospel passage, the writer describes what happens when a member of the Christian community sins. His or her sins affect the whole community. This is why various steps have to be taken when one Christian sins against another. Every effort has to be made to win the erring Christians back to the community. The decision to exclude an erring member is only made as a last resort.

God gives us numerous opportunities to repent and return to Him. Do we heed His call?

Lord, help me heed Your call.


8月12日( 三 )   常年期第十九週

厄則克耳先知書 9:1-7; 10:18-22
聖詠 113[112]:1-2,3-4,5-6
瑪竇福音 18:15-20

天主與我們同在,從不拋棄祂的子民,儘管祂的工作有時似乎無形可見,可是,祂卻依然在我們身邊。讀經一的先知神視,表明天主駕臨之時,必將為義人伸冤,懲罰惡人。在舊約中,天主的嚴厲打擊,表達出天主對義人的救贖,哪怕是在耶路撒冷城可見的恐怖景象!然而,同樣為清潔聖殿:煉淨人民,在耶穌的日子裏,祂卻付出了自己的性命,為大眾作贖價。為此,在今天的福音中,祂提醒我們與他人對立時,總該存有一分愛心,避免用純粹的公義來衡量彼此。在天主的國度裏,公義和仁慈絕非對立,兩者都是天主的面容。這看起來,非常矛盾,卻因為我們的生命會進入永恆而得以調和 ── 在永恆中,天主自會公平對待每個人。我們的所作所為,沒有一樣祂會忘記 ── 祂卻將善惡放在我們面前,讓我們自由選擇。如何選擇?聖子降生正是為我們提供榜樣。



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