12 Aug Thu, 19th Week in Ordinary Time. St Jane Frances de Chantal, religious

8/11/2021 9:30:47 AM
Josh. 3:7-10,11,13-17 / Ps. 113:1-2,3-4,5-6 / Mt. 18:21-19:1 (Ps Wk III)


As Joshua led the people across the Jordan on their journey to the Promised Land, so Jesus left Galilee (19:1) and went across the Jordan on his way to Jerusalem so that, eventually through his Death and Resurrection, he would guide us to the true Promised Land, the Kingdom of God.

Jesus thus concluded the first stage of his ministry, the Galilean stage. In his last few days before moving into Judea, He still needed to continue teaching and forming his disciples by answering Peter's question and emphasising his teaching on forgiveness. He was essentially echoing his teaching towards the end of the Sermon on the Mount: "You must therefore be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect" (Mt. 6:12). Like a good teacher, Matthew frequently uses this technique of echoing earlier passages so that Jesus' teaching will penetrate more deeply into our minds and heart and we may grow in discipleship.

Lord Jesus, as we follow You on the way to the Kingdom of God, keep Your teaching alive and burning in our minds and hearts that we may always live in union with You. Amen.   


8月12日 ( 四 ) 常年期第十九週

若蘇厄書 3:7-10,11,13-17
聖詠 114[113:1-8]:1-2,3-4,5-6
瑪竇福音 18:21-19:1



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