10 Jan Mon, 1st Week in Ordinary Time

1/9/2022 6:28:39 PM
1 Sam. 1:1-8 / Ps. 115:12-13,14-17,18-19 / Mk. 1:14-20 (Ps Wk I)


We begin today the "Ordinary Time" of the year, after our joyous celebration of the Advent and Christmas season. Ordinary Time will continue until Ash Wednesday, and then resume after Pentecost and continue until the First Sunday of Advent.

In my almost 34 years as a seminary formator, I have discovered an excellent criterion of a stable vocation: If the young man begins to love the ordinary days best, then he has found his true place in life. He nolonger needs to live from holiday to holiday: he is not in need of novelty and distraction.

In a way, this is also the message of our two readings today. Elkanah reassures his grieving, barren wife Hannah of his constant love for her. If she is sure of his love, even her barrenness should not be unbearable. And in the Gospel, Jesus calls His first four disciples to be: "fishers of men". They will have to give up much - family, fishing career, familiar culture - but it will all be worthwhile if they can find the joy they seek in His company. What about me? Have I found the lodestar, the centre, the real meaning of my life? Is Jesus that real to me? If so, I too can love the ordinary days, the ordinary time of the year, best.

Lord, help me to love this ordinary life of mine. 





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