1 Dec Wed, 1st Week of Advent

11/30/2021 1:53:08 PM
Is. 25:6-10 / Ps. 22:1-4,5,6 / Mt. 15:29-37 (Ps Wk I)


In the Old Testament, eating - especially at a huge banquet - was often described as salvation. Isaiah gave the people a vision of a heavenly banquet consisting of the finest foods and the most exquisite wines during hard times. God is not stingy! This would be a time of peace and plenty. Not only that, but God would also put an end to human tears and death itself. Did all of this happen? Of course not, but this is what God has in store for us in the future. Amid pain and struggle, we need to remember this and not lose hope. God is with us; God wishes only the best for us. Matthew reports that Jesus healed many people from all sorts of afflictions: lameness, blindness, and muteness among them. But he didn't stop there: Jesus tended to their basic needs by multiplying their meagre food supply so that there was enough for all. Food was linked to healing and new life. This is how God works: God is superabundant, generous, compassionate and always working on our behalf. We need not be afraid or feel that God has forgotten or abandoned us. The banquet is being prepared; hopefully, no one will be excluded. We can be part of this marvellous reality now by acts of loving-kindness and generosity.

Lord, help me to imitate Your kindness and generosity.  





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